Braking in a car is as simple as pressing down on a single pedal, yet bikes nearly always rely on dual braking systems, one for each wheel, due to the whole flipping over your handlebars when accidentally slamming the front brake bit. Slidepad aims to shake up convention with its ingenious single brake lever design that manages to deliver stopping power to both wheels. Hold down on the brake lever to apply stopping power to the back brake; enough friction leads to Slidepad sliding backwards, in turn triggering the front brake by way of a cable originating in Slidepad itself. The end result is well-modulated braking to both wheels, plus a front wheel that won’t lock (and thus trigger a flip). While we won’t upgrade our Shimano 105-equipped bikes just yet, Slidepad looks to be perfect for minimalist rides and fixies with brakes.

Learn more at Amazon – $50 (upgrade kit)