Slide Camera Sling

Having a heavy SLR, or even a light one around your neck over the course of an afternoon snapping shots, is cumbersome, even without mentioning the fact that these straps rarely stay put and leave your camera swinging around like a pair of dice around the rear view of a rally car. Slide solves those problems in classic style. The Slide is a camera strap different than anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a neck strap, sling and shoulder strap in one, developed using feedback from thousands of photographers around the world. It’s made of padded tubular seatbelt style webbing that’s grippy on one side, connects/disconnects with one hand using the Anchor Link system, and adjusts length-wise in seconds to provide a personalized fit. And unlike most other slings, you can even screw in an ARCA type tripod without removing the strap.

Find it at Amazon – $60