Slab Travel Wallet

Enjoy country hopping? If each is using different currencies and all are on distinct cellular networks Рas most are Рkeeping track of basics like cash and connectivity can be daunting. The Slab Travel Wallet can help thanks to a bit of ingenuity. Like the classical magic wallet, Slab sports elastic straps that briskly lock your loose cash in place with a simple flip. But instead of sporting two plates Slab boasts three, granting four inner sides on which to strap cash while letting you better organize by denomination or currency. Else, rare earth magnets keep the plates aligned in your pocket, two slots lock one card each in place (though the wallet expands to accommodate more), and a variety of machined slots secures two Micro SD cards, two SIM cards, and the pin included with your iPhone to swap them out.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $63