Skypak Wine & Whiskey Bar

Skypak is a German company that designs highly functional airplane trolleys. But they’re actually not for use on aircraft: instead, Skypak is dedicated to overhauling standard airplane trolleys into modern, edgy items that will seriously upgrade any room, no matter the interior design. Skypak’s La Barrique Collection sees them adapted into coolers or storage space for wine, beer, whiskey, or your poison of choice. Each unit is handcrafted in Germany using up-cycled wood from reclaimed barrels and/or from famous chateaux around Europe. The cooler includes 2 separate temperature zones for both red and white wine, a touchpad control panel with background lighting, while all models come standard with multiple sliding wooden shelves ready for labelling, a locking handle, and a stainless steel door fitted with a glass window.

Learn more at Skypak – $2,900+ [via]