A good U-lock might be the best way to secure your bike, but if it’s worth stealing, all a professional thief needs is a few minutes to ride off on your two-wheeler. And while an axle grinder might make quick work of Skylock, too, its feature list might make to-be bike jackers reconsider. Skylock boasts a thick, robust frame and double-bolted lock, but really stands out thanks to its keyless smartphone-dependant entry method, making it more resilient to brute force attacks on the lock mechanism, and accelerometer-based tamper detection that attempts to notify you via Bluetooth or WiFi if your lock is being fiddled with. It also never needs  a charge thanks to solar panels, makes bike sharing a cinch, and even supports crash alerts, where when the lock and connected phone both detect a simultaneous impact they’ll notify preferred contacts of this fact unless you answer that you’re alright.

Preoder at Skylock – #140