SkyBell Doorbell

If you have a door that serves as both an entrance and egress to your home and don’t believe that Westminster is a prerequisite for alerting you to visitors, SkyBell could be your front porch virtual sentry. SkyBell is a visual doorbell that allows you to see and hear “who’s there?”, replacing your existing doorbell button and wires into the same wires that power its sickly glow. You’ll still have your existing door chime, but with access to your home’s WiFi you’ll receive a live audio/video feed to your iOS or Android mobile device whenever someone rings. It even has an on-demand function that allows you to see what’s on the other side of your door without moving your texting thumbs. As a bonus, if someone is just hanging around your door, SkyBell will send you an alert. It’s never been easier to avoid those diminutive wrapping paper salesmen or, crucially, in-laws.

Find it at Amazon – $200