Sir Richard’s Condom Company

We pass around the pig skin, earn the sheepskin and wear the… latex? Not just any latex, Sir Richard’s finest condoms are for the “uncommitted”, providing three varieties in each 3- or 12-count pack. The Ultra Thin natural latex condom is as strong as the others but so sheer it allows for supreme sensitivity. Pleasure Dots rubbers feature hundreds of small dots making your partner wish they knew brail. Classic Ribbed round out the collection providing pleasure that won’t disappoint. Functional as well as stimulating, each condom is electronically tested for safety and reliability as approved by the FDA. After all, who doesn’t want the FDA in their bedroom (or kitchen table, or mall dressing room). You can’t get more protection without a bat and helmet. And because Sir Richard’s care about more than just your pleasure, for every condom purchased, they’ll donate a condom to a country in need.

Grab a pack on Amazon or at Sir Richard’s Condom Company – $5+