Single Edge Safety Razor 2.0

The most minimal shave experience just got better with the Single Edge Safety Razor 2.0. The second iteration of the popular razor boasts a sleek injection molded stainless steel body that sports but a single blade, shaving at the surface of your skin without pulling hairs up before cutting like multiple blade cartridge do and thus minimizing irritation and ingrown hair. Three shave settings governed by three interchangeable heads let you customize the shave from mild (for sensitive skin or cutting short beards) to aggressive (for wiry hair or longer beards). Blade loading is super simple too thanks to compatibility with thrifty side-loading injector blades that you can buy straight from Single Edge or even Amazon, and the razor comes in stainless or black, the latter created using an ultra-durable Physical Vapor Deposition coating nuanced in either matte or jet black.