SilverAir Shirts

For the sake of argument, let’s say you move, not across town or to another city, but in 3 dimensions as you walk, jog, work and play. Now further conjecture that certain movements are more strenuous than others and that these movements cause the body to produce heat, heat that must be dispersed to keep the body at a comfortable temperature. Where does the heat dump begin? Armpits, the circle of damp around your collar, and the small of your back. And because visible moisture isn’t enough, odor joins the mix. SilverAir takes on the seemingly unbeatable duo with a shirt that fights odor naturally, all while keeping its composure. Italian yarns are woven with pure silver to create a shirt that helps you stay dry, cool and comfortable, even if worn a few days in a row. The silver fibers naturally fight odor causing bacteria and need no replenishing, lasting the life of the shirt. Sweat + Body Proteins = Odor. Odor + Ag (Silver) = Neutralized Odor. Who’d have thought chemistry could be so practical?

Find them at Y Athletics (code GEARHUNGRY10 for an extra 10% off) – $43+