Sierra Madre Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter

Perhaps 5% of the population suffers from acrophobia, but everybody with any common sense has arctophobia, fear of bears. When you’re away from basecamp trekking in the wild, Sierra Madre’s Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter (pronounced new-bay) gives you piece of mind by keeping your gear, especially food elevated and safe from predators. But Nube is much more. This 3 in 1 hammock shelter offers protection from torrential downpours with its Rain Protector (tarp), swarms of insects with the Insect Shield (bug net), and also keeps the rest of your gear elevated and protected. Nube works flawlessly with Sierra Madre Hammocks or just about any other camping hammock allowing you, weary traveler, to rest in peace at the end of a long day exploring. And while its fabric is both stronger lighter and the shelter itself boasts increased interior space and storage area, its decreased weight — just 2 pounds and 10oz — keep you nimble in case you have to run from an arcto. Though in all fairness your odds weren’t good to begin with.

Learn more from Sierra Madre – $275