Shinola Runwell Midnight

There are watches you throw on just to tell the time, and there are watches that are works of art, pieces you’d gladly show off in your living room. And the Shinola Runwell in Midnight is certainly display-worthy. Hand-assembled in Detroit, the 47mm Runwell mixes refined design with a dash of ruggedness. A rose-gold case plating is complemented handsomely by midnight blue dial that’s just different enough from other watches on the market, and it’s complete with Shinola’s characteristic eye for heritage design. The Swiss-made movement is among the most accurate in the business, and to ensure the timepiece is fit for the boardroom, a premium dark Oxblood football leather strap finishes things off beautifully. Feel free to wear this watch with everything from a navy suit to a shawl cardigan — it’s likely you won’t want to take it off.

Learn more at Shinola or check out their other offerings at Amazon – $600+