Sherp ATV

What do you do when your vehicle risks getting stuck in highly uneven terrain? Throw wheels at the problem. That’s the strategy employed by the Russian-made Sherp ATV, a two-person all-terrain vehicle capable of overcoming obstacles as high as 27.5 inches by simply rolling them over with its enormous tubeless low-pressure tires. The diesel-powered truck features a 44.3 horsepower engine coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission that can get it to a respectable top speed of 28 miles per hour — not that we’d want to speed in a tall ATV with a short wheelbase anyhow. It’ll easily tackle swamps and shallow lakes as well as various land-based terrains, and turns on a dime thanks to power that’s independently delivered to either side.

Read more at Sherp (Russian site) – roughly $50,000+