Shaper Origin CNC Machine

A proper CNC router will set you back an absurd amount of money. Cheap it’s not, but Shaper Origin CNC Machine at least makes this technology affordable for the serious DIYer. It’s also the first hand-held CNC machine but instead of leaving precise work to your shaky, non-expert hands the Shaker Origin guides you using a 5-inch touchscreen display up top that’s programmed with a precise design and automatically corrects the tool’s bit to the desired position — as well as completely handling the z-axis depth — for a perfectly smooth cut. Thanks to its open ended handheld nature it’ll help you tackle projects of various sizes and complexities. It’s also clean thanks to a dust extraction port (bottom left) that connects to your external vacuum to quarantine the dust and features a collect that accepts standard 1/4-inch shank router bits.

Learn more at Shaper Tools – $1,500+