Shape Field Chair

Frankly, outdoor-worthy folding chairs usually disappoint us. Between limited durability and limited comfort, finding a chair that will not only last us through more than a few days of roughing it but actually have us wanting to sit on it has been nigh-impossible. But perhaps we’ve stumbled on one in Shape’s Field Chair. Designed with minimalism, reliability, and comfort in mind, Shape weighs just under 4 pounds in spite of its sturdy aluminum construction and #8 duck heavyweight waterproof canvas lining with backside pockets. What’s more, the two bent tubular interfolding legs are identical, as are the hinges and the military strength axles holding them together, culminating in robust simplicity at its finest. Throw in a hard anodized finish on all metal parts and the resulting chair will not only withstand most abuse you’ll throw its way but relentlessly look good doing it.

Go pledge at Kickstarter – $150