Seiko Chariot Steve Jobs Watch

So Steve Jobs is not technically a part of its name, but it may as well be. You might recognize the Seiko Chariot from one of the most iconic photographs of Jobs’ leaning on the first Macintosh (click to second image), though the angle certainly doesn’t help. A limited edition run of the simple, minimal watch is being released, with the option of the original 33mm case size as well as a more modern 37.5mm case and the choice of white or black dials. An equally spartan black leather strap complements the quartz watch. Which begs the question: had he still been with us, would Jobs’ wear a Chariot or an Apple Watch? The release is limited to the Japanese market but there’s a good chance that more than a few will trickle out onto eBay and the like.

Learn more at Seiko (Japanese site) – roughly $200