Schon DSGN Clip Pen

One of the best and most minimal pocket pens around is finally getting a clip in the form of Schon DSGN’s Clip Pen. The way it works is no different than the previous iteration: the 4-inch long pen’s cap unscrews and then screws onto the back, exposing the writing tip all while extending it to a more traditional length of 5.75 inches for better grip. Though the aforementioned cap now boasts a stainless steel clip secured by two T-6 torx screws, perfect for securing its position in your pants or shirt pocket. Cleverly, this clip also sticks out just enough to double as a screwdriver for the pen’s brass set screw (on the tail end) that hides grants access to the ink cartridge. And last but not least the upcoming iteration of their D1 refill adapter gives you options besides the Fisher Space Pen cartridge, including Ohto needlepoint and Pilot Hi-Tec C Slim.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $45