Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

Currently, we adapt our infrastructure to wheelchairs — or try to — by way of ramps or elevators to go up stairs. On the contrary, the Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair doesn’t need much help. Firstly, this high-tech wheelchair typically balances on two wheels to allow for on-a-dime rotations and driving up curbs without much fuss, controlled by a simple joystick interface. A pair of rubber tracks handle tougher challenges like stairs, though, transitioning from two wheeled to stair mode at the push of a button. The tracks and small rear wheels can also work in conjunction to raise the seat for eye-to-eye discussions and the tracks can otherwise be deployed solo to handle risky and slippery surfaces like snow and ice. Currently in prototype form but you can support their development on Patreon.

Learn more at Scewo – $TBA