Saver Emergency Breath System

If having a gas mask permanently attached to your face and asking, “are you my mommy,” doesn’t sound appealing and you don’t have a biohazard suit in case of emergency, Saver Emergency Breath System could save your life. This revolution in personal fire protection gives you the time you need to exit a burning structure without smoke inhalation, which unsurprisingly is the cause of most fire deaths. The three filter system built into each Saver removes smoke, dust, carbon monoxide, and toxic gases, allowing you to breath freely while exiting a life threatening situation. The Saver also optionally comes with a light designed to penetrate dark smoke and an alarm that allows rescue workers to find you. With an activation of only five seconds and an active filtering time of five minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to reach safety.

Find it at SafetyiQ – $70+