Satechi USB-C Travel Charger

It won’t output the kind of wattage a latest-gen 15-inch MacBook Pro running at full performance might require. That said, the 40W Satechi USB-C Travel Charger is particularly handy for lugging around outside the home considering it’s small, boasts two 2.4A USB-A ports alongside one USB-C port, and costs a third the price of branded laptop chargers. It works particularly well ultracompact computers like the MacBook and ChromeBook as well as USB-C equipped phones like the Pixel and Galaxy S8, and otherwise charges USB-A devices at full speed. And for bigger, more powerful notebooks like the aforementioned Pro it’ll charge it when it’s not running at max power (or when asleep), just slower than an 87W adapter.

Find it at Amazon – $35 [via]