Sanborn Canoes

Despite their name, these are the Sanborn Canoe Company’s first canoes. But they’re built in tandem with the Merrimack Canoe Company who they’ve just acquired — and who’s been making canoes for over sixty years — so you know they’re quality vessels. Inspired by canoes from the fifties and sixties and based upon classic Merrimack models these look distinctively vintage, albeit with some modern building tricks that include carbon fiber, kevlar, and fibreglass reinforcing the layups alongside cherry ribs and decks. Four models are available in contrasting shapes to cover all usage scenarios and include the J.A. Latsch that’s wide and stable enough to stand up in and the all-around solid Prospector. All four also boast a bold yellow and red paint job on the hull that’s coated with a gel-coat finish to stave off abrasion. And through the end of March each purchased comes with a set of Sandborn paddles.

Hit up Sanborn Canoe Company for details – $3,800+