Samsung Gear Fit

Smart watches and fitness trackers are two distinct wrist-borne devices that have – against all logic – so far been mutually exclusive. At least until yesterday when Samsung consolidated the two to craft their sleekest smart watch yet, the Gear Fit. Equipped with a curved 1.84-inch Super AMOLED display, the Fit packs a water resistant casing, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and gyro, the combination of which is the key to its fitness and sleep tracking features. Of course, it’s also prepared to update you of any incoming calls or SMS messages, upcoming appointments, emails, and grant media player control like any good smart watch would, all via Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately, though, the Gear Fit is only compatible with Samsung phones, so iOS users will have to anticipate Apple’s retort.

Learn more at Samsung or pick one up here – $120+