Samsung Galaxy Note7

Your smartphone occupies an increasingly large role in your everyday life. So why not give it a bigger screen? The latest Samsung Galaxy Note7 features an immense 5.7-inch dual-curved display for edge to edge real-estate and works with the improved S Pen stylus that boasts a finer tip than before and has greatly improved pressure sensitivity for jotting done notes and annotating. It’s also got a fingerprint scanner like before, but it’s also got an iris scanner that’s far harder to bypass considering no physical mark is left on the phone — or on any of your other possessions, for that matter. It’s also got a feature list that would take us way too much space to write. These notably include a SIM tray with room for up to a 256GB MicroSD card to expand already generous (64GB+) storage, a huge and fast-charging 3,500mAh battery, a 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor camera, and full IP68 water resistance (to depths of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes) for both pen and phone.

Arriving August 19th. Hit up Samsung for details – roughly $850