Samsung Chef Collection Induction Oven

Induction stove tops come with a handful of advantages over gas burners, including improved safety, energy efficiency, and faster heating. Regardless, there’s something whimsical about cooking with a ring of flames around your pots and pans, not to mention the fact that it gives off a clue as to how hot you’ve got it. And while it’s not quite the same, Samsung’s latest Chef Collection Induction Range comes close with its set of virtual flames, shone upon your cookware using LEDs that grow brighter as temperatures are turned up. The oven itself also boasts their Flex Duo system with Smart Divider that lets you cook two separate dishes at two distinct temperatures without transferring aromas thanks to its dual convection fans. Otherwise, an intuitive (but possibly intimidating) control panel guides you through selecting cooking options one step at a time, its Chef Bake mode keeps temperatures consistently even for nailing those tricky dishes, and a gliding rack with ball bearing mounts that lets you slide large, heavy items in and out of the oven without herniating a disk.

Hit up Samsung for details – $3,700 [via]