Samsung 105” UHD TV  

Sometimes you don’t want Ultra High Definition. No one needs to see their mother-in-law’s nose pores or an Englishman’s teeth in larger than life detail. But sometimes, UHD compliments its surroundings like moonshine to Bluegrass music. Samsung’s new 3D, UHD 4K, 5,120 x 2,160 pixel, ultimate immersive experience inducing, extended panoramic view curved 105” screen delivers 4 times the resolution of HD. The proprietary technology that makes the curved screen possible creates a picture experience and panoramic effect unlike any other television on the market. UHD upscaling takes your favorite flicks, enhances their details and processes their signal to create near UHD picture quality so you can forget the halo effect and image distortion. And, to assist you in deciding what to watch – because TV guide are a thing of the past – the integrate Smart Hub helps you discover new content effortlessly.

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