Rumpl Puffe- Heated Blanket

Rumpl’s technical blankets are already plenty warm. If that wasn’t enough now there’s the Rumpl Puffe- Heated Blanket, a collaboration across three Kickstarter-launched companies — Rumpl, Ravean, and Power Practical. Made with high performance DWR Ripstop 20D nylon, the blankets feature a natural down or synthetic fill, rated to 45 degrees on their own and treated to allow for machine washing of either. Flip on the heater to one of its three heat settings to warm up further, boosting its temperature rating to as low as 15 degrees. Since it’s based on Ravean’s carbon heating system it’s both safe, durable, and runs on a Power Practical 12V battery pack that plugs into a cable concealed in a zipper pocket on the blanket to fuel it for up to 10 hours on low (and 4 hours on high). This power pack also sports an LED light and does double duty by charging your other mobile devices multiple times over so you can still get use out of it when you’re not in need of an uber warm and cozy blanket.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $200