Ruggie Alarm Clock

Outsmarting your alarm clock, snoozing repeatedly, or simply disabling it is far too easy, even for our half-asleep selves. But the Ruggie Alarm Clock isn’t as easily outmaneuvered. This white high-density memory foam mat with built in alarm clock features a bright LED display with the time that lights up when stepped on. Set its alarm, though, and it won’t let you snooze or shut it off remotely. In fact it won’t stop ringing until it detects significant weight, i.e. you standing on it, and this for three consecutive seconds. At that point it’s that much harder to go back to bed. You can also set a custom sounds — such as positive affirmations, songs, or a motivational snippet — to play after the alarm is deactivated by loading them on Ruggie via a USB connector.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $80