Roost Laptop Stand 2

The use of laptop stands has greatly improved this writer’s workplace posture. Only one issue: it took two, plus a thick book, to get the screen to the right height. The new Roost Laptop Stand 2 gets it done single handedly, and is portable to boot. Roost is compatible with all laptops with a front edge of less than 0.75″ thick — essentially all of them — and folds or unfolds with a single linear motion, collapsing down to a sleek 1″ x 1″ x 13″ package to slip away in a backpack. Once set up, it securely grips your notebook computer using its Pivoting Grip mechanism and quickly adjusts in height anywhere from six to eleven inches. It’s also made durable of glass-fiber reinforced nylon plus Delrin and is fitted with high-tack, non-marking thermoplastic elastomer feet to stay firmly planted in place.

Pledge for one at Kickstarter – $50