Roli Seaboard Block

The award-winning Roli Seaboard Rise and Grand are amongst the most acclaimed new instruments in recent history, but both will set you back a pretty penny. Their new Seaboard Block, on the other hand, is not only more affordable but a hell of a lot more portable, too. The 24 key wave two-octave playing surface is about the size and weight of a magazine and leverages Roli’s 5D Touch technology — the same as in their other Seaboards — to create sounds when you press a “key” on the rubber surface. More notably, though, it lets you further manipulate the sound by varying the pressure or sliding your finger directionally. And since it’s also a part of their Blocks family it integrates with other individual Blocks — including multiple Seaboard Blocks — to customize and set up your tiny mobile music studio just about anywhere.

Learn more at Roli – $300