Roli Blocks

Roli Blocks is a bit unusual, just like the brand’s extremely unique piano-like instruments. But the system is undeniably versatile. It’s based around the colorful Lightpad block which boasts a pressure-responsive silicone surface that’s illuminated as a grid to guide you to notes and sounds. Connect it to your iOS or Android device, download Roli’s Noise app, and start making music, with the Lightpad helping you build sequences and loops while also doubling as a finger drum that responds to pressure and hold duration. Thanks to magnetic sides it interfaces with other Lightpads as well as both the Live Block and Loop Block, the former for live performances (by letting you switch scales, octaves, and for sustaining notes) and the latter simplifying song recording. The result is an intuitive and powerful music-making tool that’s customizable to your needs and that works well in live settings, too.

Learn more at Roli – $180+