RokBlok Portable Record Player

Vinyls are big. Turntables, even bigger. The RokBlok Portable Record Player is turning the turntable inside out, shrinking it down to a handheld device and requiring nothing but a flat surface on which to place your record. When ready, place the RokBlok on top of your record, sync it to a nearby Bluetooth speaker, and pull its lever up. It’ll start making rounds, turning at either 45 or 33.3 RPM, for up to four hours on a charge. To stop, hold your hand above the device to knock its lever back down, cutting the motor. It’s otherwise equipped with a built-in speaker if you’re got no other options and automatically slows down its actual speed as it approaches the center of the record to maintain proper timing (and revolutions per minute).

Learn more at Kickstarter – $60