Roadie Guitar Tuner

You’re on tour with AC/DC and Angus has just finished using his whammy bar like a jackhammer. He throws his axe to you expecting it to be tuned and ready to go for the next set. What do you do (besides wonder how a guitar could be so out of tune playing just 3 chords)? You grab your Roadie Tuner. It pairs with your smartphone via a free app to tune any guitar, or any stringed instrument for that matter, in an instant. Just place this handheld device over each peg, pluck the string and let the Roadie adjust it to harmonic perfection. You can even choose an alternate tuning or create your own. Worried about ambient noise when tuning? Don’t be. Roadie cancels out noises from the surrounding environment so your guitar can be tuned anywhere. So rock on. Your guitar sounds great and who knows, maybe you do too.

Find it at Amazon – $100