Rite In The Rain Centennial Bound Book

If you’ve ever been laying prone, kestrel meter at hand staring down a scope at a target over half a mile away you know how important details are. Recording and knowing the variables of each shot from density altitude to wind speed can mean inches. Add rain to the mix and your standard logs become useless, waterlogged, ink stained pulp. Whether it’s that or recording in nature regardless of the weather conditions, Rite in the Rain’s books are the answer. With the introduction of their new Centennial Bound book, Rite in the Rain updated their traditional PVC covers with a hardcover, sewn bound grip gray skin that still protects the unique waterproof paper inside. Each of the 160 Gray 32# perforated pages features a dot grid pattern, and the Centennial also comes with an internal vinyl pocket to store you necessities and a ribbon marker.

Find it in two sizes at Rite in the Rain ($25+) or Amazon ($28+)