Ripple Maker

We appreciate good hand-made latte art as much as the next guy. But how about images, personalized messages, or designs, all precisely printed at the touch of a button? The countertop Ripple Maker takes foam-topped coffee and prints just about anything onto it in less than ten seconds using Ripple Pods that provide tiny amounts of Arabica and Robusta coffee extract, affecting taste and caffeine content negligibly. The machine is WiFi enabled so uploading content can be done using either the Ripple app or straight from the device’s large touchscreen display by browsing their large database of images. Currently, Ripple is only available to businesses and requires a monthly subscription ($85+) that provides content and pods  — which are good for about 1,000 prints each — but a future consumer version is no doubt in the works.

Learn more at Coffee Ripples – $1,300+