RinseKit Water Heater

RinseKit is undoubtedly the most portable of showers, with a large handle to facilitate lifting and a free-standing design that can be brought along anywhere instead of being strapped to your car’s roof rack. Though while showering with lukewarm (or cold) water is better than not showering at all, the RinseKit Water Heater (not shown, so use your imagination — it’s a small, flat rectangular box) makes things a little more comfortable. The heater system inserts into RinseKit’s drain plug and heats the cold water inside up to 100° Fahrenheit in about half an hour. Since the tank is insulated the heat is held for hours, and the heater’s battery can be charged up either using your car or a wall outlet at home. It’s even got a USB port for offloading some of that power into your smart devices that ran flat.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $90 to $200 (with heater)