RightPSI Built-In Tire Pressure Gauge

While it’s rather important for both decreasing fuel consumption and tire wear, we don’t really check our car tire pressure often enough – “never” is probably a realistic estimate. But with RightPSI, verifying pressure is as complicated as walking around the car. Each RightPSI cap is built with a set target pressure to conform to a variety of car and bike tires; when the tire pressure is just right, the cap remains an inconspicuous black, otherwise displaying a bright orange or yellow ring if air pressure is too low or too high, respectively. RightPSI also respond to pressure changes while filling tires to let you know when to stop, is light enough to leave balance unaffected, and locks down using a hex nut to discourage theft.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $15 for a pair or $25 for four