RIF6 Cube Projector

Fittingly, the lilliputian RIF6 Cube Projector was designed with your smartphone in mind, though you’ll need a cable that goes to MHL to use it (or a Micro SD loaded with films). The projector weighs a third of a pound and measures just 2-inches across each edge, making it not much less portable than most phones but with a far bigger screen size: its 50 lumen LED bulb allows for a projection as big as 120-inches across in WVGA resolution. It’s also got a small built-in speaker that’s probably only going to see use if you don’t have a better sound system to output to and comes packaged with a flexible tripod mount, a remote control, and a few cables to rig up to an HDMI port on your computer or to your Android device.

Grab one at our shop ($250) or at Amazon ($280)