Revolights Wheels

Not sold on the idea of mounting a set of Revolights to your bicycle wheels by yourself? Then drop some cash on a set of Revolights Wheels. As its name suggests, this set of second generation Revolights is permanently bolted onto Weinmann DP18 700C rims atop Shimano 2200 hubs for a secure, hassle-free setup – just sub out the wheels on your existing bike. Otherwise, Revolights Wheels resembles the standard set in being water-resistant, theft-proof, having a hub-mounted, USB-rechargeable battery good for 4 hours of riding, and 12 LEDs per ring – that’s 8 per wheel illuminated (35 lumens each) at any one time – that form a stunning half-ring of light, synched just right thanks to accelerometers and a fork-mounted magnet.

Hit up Amazon for deets Рtwo wheels for $500