Revolights Eclipse+

Few products increase nighttime visibility better than Revolights. And the Revolights Eclipse+ is their most complete model yet. The two light-bearing rings screw on to four ball-and-socket brackets on your spokes and are as resistant to theft as are your wheels — lock the bike and your Revolights are safe. A snap-in rechargeable battery powers each one, providing 280 lumens of direction white or red light per wheel, oriented thanks to a fork-mounted magnet and accelerometer that illuminates only front-facing lights in the front wheel and rear-facing ones at the back. The Eclipse+ also adds turn signal functionality to the mix, activated through a handlebar mounted control pad, and it’s Bluetooth-enabled for use with the Revolights app which acts as a bike computer, tracking your ride, displaying battery status, and even notifying you of upcoming weather alerts.

Learn more at Revolights – $220