REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Lighter than a tent and much better shielded against insects and bad weather than an ordinary hammock, the REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock is a camping minimalist’s dream. The hammock sets up with shock corded poles and a guyline at each corner that, together, keep it structured and open wide so it won’t curl on you like a typical hammock, along with a removable 15-denier ripstop nylon rainfly that’s quick to deploy when you need it to keep out rain. It’s also reversible, with a bug-blocking mesh on one side and nothing on the other, so if bugs aren’t an issue just flip it over and sleep on the open-aired side. Plus the whole kit weighs just 3 lbs 2 oz so it’ll be barely noticeable alongside everything else you’re packing.

Find it at REI – $220