Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit

John McClane used one to escape an exploding rooftop and MacGyver used one to rescue innocents from an underground bomb blast. No, we’re not talking about a hair brained scheme that would only work in film, we’re talking about 5” fire hose – two layers of woven synthetic canvas sandwiched inside a waterproof jacket. If this material is good enough to save lives, it’s good enough to carry your shave kit and toiletries. The Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit is handcrafted from incredibly strong and versatile repurposed fire hose. With triple sewn seams and mildew resistant finish, this 12 inch-long dopp kit won’t help you to escape disaster, but it will carry and protect your ablutions gear in style.

Check it out at The Awesomer Shop in Yellow/Black or Grey/Red – $39