REC P-51 Automatic Watch

A tribute to the 1960’s Mustang, REC’s P-51 Automatic Watch takes it a step further, incorporating actual recycled metal from a classic Ford Mustang into its unique dial. Sheets of metal are cut from wrecks beyond saving, rolled flat, pressed into dials, and coated with a clear layer of lacquer to ensure the rust won’t spread to other parts of the watch. For assurances, each P-51 also comes with a QR-equipped story card that links to a video explaining the story of the exact Mustang that went into its dial. A Japanese Miyota caliber 9130 automatic movement powers each timepiece with its 48 hour power reserve styled like a fuel gauge, the time like a speedometer, and date, an odometer. Otherwise, each also includes a sapphire crystal lens, a calf leather strap (along with an extra khaki, denim, or kevlar strap), and a leather travel case that holds up to three watches.

Find it at Kickstarter – $895