Readyman Wilderness Survival Card

It’s not your typical multitool, but if you could only have one thing with you in a survival scenario chances are it’d be the Readyman Wilderness Survival Card. This tool is only slightly larger than a credit card in height and width and weighs just 0.42 ounces, yet splits apart in a pinch into a variety of tools, including nine fishhooks (since they’re easily lost), a hacksaw, a serrated blade, a trident, two arrow heads, two needles, four snare locks, an awl, and a set of small tweezers. They’re all made of stainless steel and can be worked into a variety of tools, notably for fishing and hunting small game. Though there’s plenty in there to repair clothing, remove ticks or splinters, as well as stuff to help build a shelter.

Find it at Amazon – $13