Readyman Pocket Survival Stove 2.0 XL

Readyman’s no stranger to making pop out survival gear in the form of flat, laser cut cards. Their latest, the Readyman Pocket Survival Stove 2.0 X, is a lightweight pocket sized stove made of 310 Stainless Steel that’s easy to assemble and focuses flames to boil water in minutes. And perhaps it’s incredibly subtle, but there’s more to the Survival Stove than just a pot stand. Included in each of the unit’s six sides are fishhooks, arrow heads, snare locks, spinner bait, a stir stick and a saw. Try otherwise shoving all that in your pocket. Also available in a non-XL regular version ($27) that’s got just four sides instead — though it’s not quite as capable of handling larger items like pots or pans.

Learn more at Readyman – $35