Ray-Ban Round Folding Classic

In the early 1920’s pilots were flying higher and faster than mere earthbound mortals could dare. The adventurous spirit that led them also subjected them to phenomenon not found at ground level on terra firma. For instance, extremely bright sunlight brought about more than just squinting. You may not be experiencing headaches and altitude sickness, but you can still benefit from the revolutionary remedy of the pilots – Ray-Ban sunglasses. Now, decades later, Ray-Ban offers a new take on the round variant of their famous specs. Worn by legendary musicians and inspired by the 1960’s counter culture, these retro, unisex, metal sunglasses are defined by their round crystal lenses. The new foldable version perpetuates the iconic design with extraordinary detail and precise engineering, and of course with the new folding design that lets you store your Ray-Bans in your pocket when all reasoning to continue wearing your specs in the dark wears thin.

Hit up Ray-Ban or Amazon for details – $250 [via]