Ravean Heated Jacket

Strolling out in frigid weather doesn’t mean you’re forced to dress like you’re on an expedition to the arctic, at least not if you’ve got gear like the Ravean Heated Jacket. Each is ultra light, filled with down, and fitted with a heating system that warms you up on the chest and back area as well as inside its hand pockets, letting you control both what parts of your body are heated as well as the intensity. It’s also compatible with Ravean’s battery-free and lightweight heated gloves which plug to the jacket for power. Don’t worry about water short circuiting the jacket, either: it’s very durable, completely washable, and water shedding as the outer materials are DWR treated to keep you dry. And as an added bonus, the jacket’s lithium polymer power pack can also recharge your phone, specced with enough juice to top up most smartphones five or six times.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $160+