RattlerStrap Titan Paracord Survival Belt

A bracelet can only contain so much paracord without being impractically bulky. A belt, on the other hand, has a lot more to work with. And the RattlerStrap Titan Paracord Survival Belt pushes this to the limit: the entire belt, except of course its titanium buckle, is weaved of 550 utility cord, and 80 feet of it no less, giving you plenty of rope (and string, if you peel apart the outer sheath and access the 7 inner strands) in the event of an emergency. As an added benefit there are no holes since the prong can be pushed through anywhere through the cord, allowing for adjustment in quarter inch intervals. Plus if you ever actually end up unravelling it and using it for an emergency RattlerStrap promises to handle the daunting task of remaking it for you gratis.