Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter

Obsessed with the consistency of your grinds? You’ll likely appreciate the Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter. Kruve doesn’t replace your existing coffee grinder: instead, once the beans are done grinding, pour them into Kruve, close its lid, and shake gently side to side. The first sieve in the triangular device traps boulders (large particles) while the second, finer sieve lets through fines (powder-like particles) — both which otherwise adversely affect the taste of your brew — leaving behind a middle layer of perfectly consistent grinds. Interchangeable sieves come in twelve sizes, from 200μm to 1100μm, in 50 to 100μm intervals, so your grinds can be as perfect as you like. Boulders can always be re-ground the next time while fines can be composted or used in cooking.

Find it at Kruve – $50+