R22 Mark I Mechanical Belt Buckle

The job of a belt buckle, at least when compared to that of a timepiece, might seem elementary, but consider the fact that most belts offer an imprecise fit dictated by holes punched at 1-inch intervals. Bugatti’s R22 Mark I Mechanical Belt Buckle features inner workings that rival those of fine watches, packed with precisely 100 hand-crafted components such as bridges, cogs, wheels, pinions, and springs, that collaborate to tightly grasp the underlying leather strap and adjust the belt to any exact length within 22mm. While it’s not exactly within reach price-wise for most, it gives wealthy men another accessory on which to blow a ton of cash and us the hope that an equally ingenious but less costly version finds its way to the mainstream shortly.

More info available at Roland Iten – roughly $84,000