QUQUQ Campingbox

We don’t all have the luxury of owning a camper, RV, or Doubleback for open road adventures, but fortunately QUQUQ can help. The Campingbox fits in back of your existing van, transforming it into an almost-full-featured camper complete with a 2-burner gas cartridge stove, work space, 20 litre water supply with tap and stainless steel bowl sink, a mini-pantry, plus tons of storage space. Vertical space isn’t wasted, either: QUQUQ is topped off with a thick 3-piece cold foam mattress that provides more sleeping surface than a twin bed. All that’s missing is a bathroom, but frankly we’re not complaining – there’s ample forest and lake to handle those duties.

Learn more at QUQUQ – roughly $2,900 [via]