q-JAYS Anniversary Edition Earphones

Built around the same high-resolution armature drivers as their q-JAYS, the q-JAYS Anniversary Edition earphones manages to refine the already spectacular-sounding reference earphones while commemorating the brand’s 10th year making audio equipment. The compact metal injection molded stainless steel housing of each earphone is polished repeatedly for a slightly sooty but reflective shine and paired to sound isolating silicone ear tips in five sizes as well as one pair of memory foam Comply tips. Each side packs in two armature drivers — one for lower frequencies and another that handles midrange and highs — behind an acoustic filter that cleans the sound for precise acoustics with stunning clarity that can accentuate otherwise overlooked and unheard details in music you’ve listened to for years. Despite their compactness the included high-purity oxygen-free copper cables (also twisted to minimize external electromagnetic interference), distinct to the Anniversary Edition, can be unscrewed and removed if they ever need replacing, avoiding you the need to toss the pair should the cables eventually fail. And the same goes for the laser-cut protective filters that block dust and dirt from entering.

Find them at JAYS – $349